Web Design + Development

Our work is always focused on generating results, whether visits, sales, recruits, whatever needs you have. From a business point of view, a site should also become a revenue source whether it's selling tickets, soliciting donations, selling merchandise, taking orders, or at the very least, a cost-aversion tool (freeing up personnel from time-wasting tasks like directions, hours, costs, etc).

PackingStuff The new site for PackingStuff is entirely built in WordPress/WooCommerce. The product data came from a the client's wholesaler via SOAP API. The data was loaded into the database, then the uploaded to the site via custom calls to the WooCommerce REST API. The original category structure was maintained in order to keep the product category structure conformed to the original data source. There is a nightly series of cron jobs that execute to pick up all the data in xml from the wholesaler and replace the data in the tables. PackingStuffThen the skus in the tables are matched to the product id numbers from WooCommerce. Once this is complete, the changes in the data are pushed to the live site via the API. The layout of the site is different from most WooCommerce sites, using an order table format rather than product images in columns and rows. PackingStuffThere is another call to the wholesaler at the cart/checkout level, when the custom shipping method touches the API to get a shipping quote, and then again when the order is placed. After Stripe authorizes the charge, the complete order is passed to the wholesaler for fulfillment. The site is extensively optimized, including schema data, and all the products are in the Google Merchant Center for use in both paid and organic advertising.

Meriden Markham AirportThe new site for Meriden Markham Airport includes custom weather widgets on every page, as well up to the minute ASOS data. There is also the ability to register UAS flight right from the homepage, review all current pricing for Meriden Markham Airportservices, info, news, as well as events, pilot groups, and IAP charts.
There is also a full site management tool to keep the data fresh.

Best Energy Our site for Best Energy includes an integrated Credit Card processor API which uses cURL to securely transfer the data to the Merchant Account, and all the purchases and account payments are stored in the database and the system also coordinates deliveries, boiler maintenance appointments, installations, and invoices.

new milford medical group The site for the New Milford Medical Group includes a full content management system, as well as specifically tailored copy triggers, and the site we built for New Milford Historical Society uses all the terrific technology we already had in the site and adds in content management and a full section for site exhibits, old, new, and permanent!
This is a tiny sampling of the scope of our work, feel free to visit some of our many client sites.

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password protected - proprietary
password protected - proprietary

Web Development

Your website is an extension of your business, another storefront, or at least a media facing. Some of our sites are commerce sites, some are about getting or keeping customers, or patients.

For the New Milford Medical Group, we created a new site, fully responsive, which includes microtags for google, uses tag manager to track events on the site, has a manage area where the practice can update events and featured stories, includes all original photography, and uses php date/time to continually update their visible calendar of events with daily, weekly, and monthly happenings. The back-end of the site serves content, but also tracks user responses to satisfaction surveys. The contact form aligns with the businesses internal structure to route non-critical emails to the correct person, or pushes the visitor to the patient portal.

service invoice app password protected - proprietary
service invoice app password protected - proprietary
service invoice app password protected - proprietary
service invoice app password protected - proprietary
service invoice app password protected - proprietary

For an oil company in Connecticut, we created a service invoice app. The technician logs in, selects his job, and completes a full, online workup of the client's needs, including parts and labor, calculates for the state tax, and records test results. The technician can add a video directly into the database record, and once complete, the app generates a pdf of the complete invoice which is sent to the customer, recorded in the customer's record, and stored online. The program also closes out the record in the scheduling calendar. The structure also accomodates installations of new boilers, water heaters, or air conditioning units.

Interstate SecurityThe application that we created for Interstate Security in Florida manages access to their gated communities. It includes three separate faces to the database content, allows the gate house to see and admit guests to a residence, stores the entry information locally and updates the secure master database every half hour, gracefully accommodating losses of connectivity and updating when the connection allows. The program prints bar-coded passes which can be scanned for readmission, and tracks both permanent and temporary guests.
resident app password protected - proprietary
resident app password protected - proprietary
resident app password protected - proprietary

The program now uses a TWILIO programming solution to permit residents to pre-approve guests from their phones and email a pass to a visitor, allows extended passes (up to 90 days) for guests, sub-lets, or health workers, and prints the expiration date and time reversed out on the pass - which involves custom generating a date and time graphic for each pass!
We also created an actual app for Android and Apple that lets the resident to pre-approve a guest and to update their information on their phone or other device. The data that allows them access is updated every ninety minutes in a cron job that culls names and phone numbers of over 40k residents and regenerates the tables. Access to the data can be controlled both based on the resident (owner or renter), and on the site. Each site can determine the amount of control they want to cede to non-management.

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Data Base Work

The database is at the heart of the web experience. It allows custom content to be shown, special access to be granted, and much more.

ISSC password protected - proprietary

Massive amounts of data

ISSC currently supports 15 communities with an average of 200 residents per community. The entry log table, which concatenates the traffic from all the communities has well over 1.5 million records, and the permanent guest list for the communities totals over 35,000. Each community has a local installation of the application, and it synchronizes every 20 minutes with the master database. If for some reason it cannot connect, it continues to ping the server until it can send its data to the main system. On each connection, it also downloads any changes to the community, thus minimizing the number of site visits that the staff have to make.

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New Milford Historical Society

Interactive Content

The New Milford Historical Society databases store over 80,000 records about the separate elements in the Society collection, and a separate set of tables store the genealogical records and the accompanying photos and text files

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New Milford Historical Society

Online Reservations

The New Milford Historical Society uses our software to take reservations for tours, and even to take advance payment via PayPal

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New Milford Historical Society

Member Content

The New Milford Historical Society has a secure area accessible to members only where special content is available, including online games, and the ability to update and renew membership info

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